Friday, 30 April 2010

AH, LIBERALS and all that jazz.

problem is the countries fed up, it want's something different, but if you look really close, there all pretty much the same. I have no solutions, just sleepless nights. I would never trust a tory but ah the liberals all soft and cuddly, am lucky I live in Wales where their's another choice, Plaid Cymru...... and even here I have reservations.
The Labour Party has certainly let the people down, Afghanistan, Iraq, attack on civil liberties, their move to the right. So the liberal's capitalise on this and perhaps people of an anti political nature are attracted to Mr Clegg's lovely complexion on T.V. He sure takes the high ground this public school boy, he complains about the expenses scandal but when he was an M.E.P he sure made a profit. He is definitely not whiter than white, and neither is his party, if we look at their history we will notice a pattern of nastiness emerging from them, smears and lies about opponents, very ugly incidents. They dress up in Left wing clothes and the next minute are dressed in right wings ones, where's there rage, where's there fire.
My biggest fear is if people vote Clegg, because it seems now more about personality than politics, the Tories might just gain enough seats. This would be a disaster for the country.
The only good thing that can come out of all of this is some form of electoral reform. The fact is the current electoral system is unjust and a fraud. The people never vote for those who end up in power.
Watched the performances last night on television, gosh I cried, not one word about destitute asylum seekers, voices of real radical change, people before profit. Did not recall anyone of them making any pronouncements on how to tackle extreme poverty, 3 parties of very similar shades. Their has been a turning point in the last few years, the people are sick and tired, we have been let down again and again, by them all by the way, somethings gotta change, power to the people, i'd go for that.
Take it easy but think carefully before you cross the road, and remember behind evey smile their's a whole load of ********.


  1. Well put man...I dread the result and I don't even live there. I left in 1983 with 20 quid with no idea what I was going to do, just knew that I could not live under Thatcher (Tories) any longer. I do hope that the UK thinks VERY carefully before voting, but I know they won't! Sad!

  2. cheers, I should have escaped West Wales a while ago, the future is looking very bleak indeed, people are falling for false promises again and again. It's goin to get very grim and that is not just the few.