Thursday, 15 April 2010


With the dying out of fear and grinding anxiety and the undoing of the rightful tension which today characterizes all our lives, Society will spring back nearer to its normal form of mutual help. People will wake up with surprise, and rub their eyes to find that they are under no necessity of being other than human.
Simultaneously ( i.e., with the lessening of the power of money as an engine of interest and profit-grinding) the huge nightmare which weighs on us today, the monstrous incubus of " business "- with its endless Sisyphus labours, its searchings for markets, its displacement and destructions of rivals, its travellers, its advertisements, its armies of clerks, its banking and broking, its accounts and checking of accounts - will fade and lessen in importance; till some day perchance it will collapse, and roll off like a great burden to the ground! Freed from the great strain and waste which all this system creates, the body politic will recover like a man from a disease, and spring to unexpected powers of health.



Well here I am in the year 2010, still listening,the world even colder than when the above words were written, a world unfortunately still stuffed with greed.
The General Election is forthcoming, my opening gambit is to be distrustful of all, but real change will one day come. We must demand it with every breath. Spoil your vote, do something, do not give the parasites legitimacy.Do not give up hope.

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