Friday, 7 May 2010


Days of indecision, general division
violent rage fills gentle souls,
how come the country so blue
has the nation forgotten
Treacherous schemers
already on the make
hunting like thiefs.
None at least in position
to pass new unpleasant laws.
This process must be rearranged,
the era of corruption not simply passed,
this is not the end friends
because everyone in the land
is still not equal.
Somethings gotta change
lets embrace the invisible
democracies flag is falling now.
Challenge the power,
contemplate togetherness ,
and if this is futile
offer resistance.
Gather your strengths
for time to come,
dance now calmly before
gathering storms.
Lie down for a while
do not be cast away, celebrate unity
through our diversity.
The system wrong ,we know this already,
a suitable case of insanity.
Do not be fooled, all claim victory
refuse to understand,
dance, dance before
the gathering storms.
To much to lose now,
refuse to be defeated
summer will be long,
maybe a heatwave,
there will be
many reasons
to shout,
much more increduality,
helicopters tracking our collective screams.
Refuse to accept limitations,
we are not yet finished,
this is just the beginning........

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