Thursday, 7 October 2010

West Wales Badger Cull.

Apparently updated plans for a badger cull in West Wales here where I live have been recently unveiled after previous attempts were stopped by the Court of Appeal. This is part of a programme to eradicate TB from cattle. Back in July a cull proposed was considered unlawful. So what tell me has changed?

The Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones was reported to say " I will state again that the cost of this disease in the last 10 years, when nearly 100,000 cattle have been slaughtered in Wales, is more than £120 million. This is taxpayers money the Assembly Government has paid out in compensation. Most experts agree that badgers play an important role in the transmission of bovine TB and that badgers play an important role in the transmission of bovine TB and that we will not eradicate TB if we do not tackle the disease in both widlife and cattle."

M'mmm most experts Elin Jones do not appear to support this opinion. Also clear majority of people around here think that the cull is wrong on both moral and scientific grounds. It seems like its the case of blaming the badger at all costs but let us not question the probable blame in the first place - the diary industry. Lets face it if we didn't farm cows , there would be no T.B in the first place, the badger just seems like a convenient form of wildlife to scapegoat for the N.F.U ( National Farming Union ) and its allies.For Elin Jones an alternative option of a vaccination programme is simply not an option, despite large petitions and protests against the cull she does not seem to want to listen.

The badger is a solitary, much loved often mischievious creature that has been with us and inhabited these islands for at least a quarter of a million years, entrenched inour folklore. So the people that Elin Jones chooses to represent are bloody angry, feelings are running high. Soon perhaps the Assembly Government will again allow masked contractors from DEFRA to invade peoples property and land in order to implement this flawed policy. It will be expensive and probably a complete waste of time, I am sure local opposition will make sure contractors and officials will be unable to get on to the land in the areas targeted. So I say power to the people and of course to the badgers too, if you can raise your voice against this scheme, do it while you can.

Badger -John Clare

When midnight comes a host of dogs and men
Go out and track the badger to his den,
And put a sack within the hole, and lie
Till the old grunting badger passes by.
He comes an hears - they let the strongest loose.
The old fox gears the noise and drops the goose.
The poacher shoots and hurries from the cry.
And the old hare wounded buzzes by.
They get a forked stick to bear him down
And clap the dogs and take him to the town,
And bait him all day with many dogs,
And laugh and shout and fright the scampering hogs.
He runs along and bites at all he meets:
They shout and hollo down the noisy streets.

He turns about to face the loud uproar
And drives the rebels to their very door.
The frequent stone is hurled wher'er they go;
When badgers fight, then everyone's a foe.
The dogs are clapped and urged to join the fray'
The badger turns and drives them all away.
Though scarcely half as big, demure and small,
He fights with dogs for hours and beats them all.
The heavy mastiff, savage in the fray,
Lies down and licks his feet and turns away.
The bulldog knows his match and waxes cold,
The badger grins and never leaves his hold.
He drives the crowd and follows at their heels
And bites them through - the drunkard swears and reels

The frightened woman takes the boys away,
The blackguard laughs and hurries on the fray.
He tries to reach the woods, and awkward race,
But sticks and cudgels quickly stop the chase.
He turns again and drives the noisy crowd
And beats the many dogs in noises loud.
He drives away and beats them every one,
And then they loose them all and set them on.
He falls as dead and kicked by boys and men,
Then starts and grins and drives the crowd again;
Till kicked and torn and beaten out he lies
And leaves his hold and crackles, groans, and dies.

Hopefully the above poem shows what a stong resiliant creature the badger is , that defends itself to the bitter very end.

Long live the daerfochyn.


  1. Whether to cull badgers is not part of a popularity contest. It is the action that is necessary to prevent further spread of this bacterium by the main reservoir species in the wild.

    The only alternative 'science' are the now totally discredited 'claims' of the Krebs Trials which flew in the face of the already proven facts. . Efficient targeted culling of badgers, together with culling of any reactor cattle produces clean herds free from bTB.

    Dr Christianne Glossop. The Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales

    1. Funny that 30 of the leading scientists in bTB think the opposite of what you've written, and I have yet to see any *independent* scientist agree with the governments claims.

      Oh, why is the youtube video you linked 'private'?

  2. taken your points on board

  3. I think you'll find Charles Henry that the majority of dairy herdsmen would much rather the vast amount of money that's been wasted had gone toward developing a vaccine. I know they do in fact because I speak to them daily. The issue is whether or not a cull will have any effect. It hasn't before so why should it now. The 'information leaflet' currently circulating West Wales says the cull may have an effect but then it will probably increase cases of TB in cattle in the areas surrounding the cull. So counter productive then. Or just a case of 'pretend we're doing something and then we've secured the farmers vote'.
    But then I'm probably a bit of a cynic.


  4. Dunno if you seen this Mr Dancer, but you should

    I'm with Joe on this..
    And Joe, it kinda goes with wot you were saying re: 'information leaflet'

    Gosh the Government bent the truth! Shock, horror! Wot a surprise.

    Byee :)