Monday, 11 April 2011

THE FURIES - Joshua Sylvester (1598- 28/9/1618)

Orestes Pursued by the Furies -
John Singer Sargent.

War is the mistress of enormity,
Mother of mischief, monster of deformity;
Laws, manners, arts she breaks, she mars, she chases,
Blood, tears, bowers, towers, she spills, smites, burns, and
Her brazen teeth shake all the earth a asunder:
Her mouth a firebrand, and her voice a thunder,
Her looks are lightning, every glance a flash,
Her fingers guns that all to powder smash;
Fear and despair, flight and disorder, post
With hasty march before her murderous host.
As burning, waste, rape, wrong, impiety,
Rage, ruin, siscord, horror, cruelty,
Sack, sacrilege, impunity and pride are srill stern consorts by
her barbarious side;
And poverty, sorrow, and desolation
Follow her armies' bloody transmigration.


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