Friday, 20 May 2011

It's the End of the World as We Know It but I feel fine

According to an 89 year old man called Harold Camping,the  world is about to come to an end. Well tomorrow actually.
He's done this lark before though back in 1994, but now, according to him ,May the 21st is the actual day of judgement.
I quote hime here " It is the day that ends all gospel Salvation activity. It is the most important day by a billion times than any other day the world has ever known".
Hey we can all change our minds when we want to I suppose.Especially certain nutty religious fundamentalists.Some of them believe that tomorrow after raging storms and fires and earthquakes 207 million people will get decimated., but even then the world will not officially end until October 2011, oh dear, some people like to drag these things out.
Somehow the sounding of trumpets and eternal bliss and raptured cries I think I'll give a miss, hey ho, and  when the moment passes without anything happening their will still be those who cry , hey its gonna happen someday.Delusions are what make some people tick, I suppose.
Tomorrow here in West Wales I think the forecast is a bit of light rain. So I'm going to get some weed in and smoke myself into a bit of oblivion, and will be back here soon, in all probabilities.
I prefer a satisfaction that guarantees, but good prophesies I have been told often recquire unknown dates and imperfect signs.
So have a nice day, and I'll catch you sometime in the future, follow truth and freedom , remember to read between the lines.

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