Saturday, 28 May 2011

The survival of anglo-welsh - Peter Finch

The Dylan Thomas characteristic - an observers guide

1. Appropriation of the poems of others. Parts or wholes.   No significent gains, no transformation of status or wealth. Small beer, this occasional failing.

2. Imitation of dogs in pubs.

3. Petty localized thefts of no apparent significance.

4. The inevitable and horrible desire to please. An overcoming of smiles, small voiced thank-yous. An accumulation of kindnesses for future use.

5. Misplaced coarseness.

6. Wordy, complex landscape through haze, the image and the arm the same. Some kind of absolute hold on the vague.

7. Incontinence in pubs.

8. Small success with women. Unsubstantiated claims. A fear of demons and an uncertainty over power.

10. Ultimately a walking through the land without reference to it. A being it. A living through it and in it with no need at all for names.

Reprinted from Poetry Wales
Volume 13 No. 3

Right I'm off for a bit, for some rewiring amd maintenence, off to the town of books Hay-on-Wye if truth be told. Herbal highs packed, now off searching for some inspiration. Will follow freedom and see where that gets me,will be back about a week I guess,  my business will carry on being of no importance I hope, so I go away to travel within, avoid all oppressive thoughts - there will be nothing further to add until then, unles I find a portal somewhere on my journey.
Good health all,
remove all borders

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