Monday, 25 July 2011

After, Utøya.Norway.

The final chapter revealed as devious fate
Hush now! It's just till those tears have dried;
The sun goes down, but what's inside never dies
Stolen moments  tasting both bitter and sweet.
Some are born but do not get to choose
As silence stumbles their escape,
Falling on  crimson road, an audience of one
Staggers by following,  a crooked vapour, 
Behind dazed curtains the world watches 
Sucked into a mad man's masquerade.
Across the landscape, the sound of sirens rings
Barbarous behaviour suspends belief,
From this darkness we will begin again
As we announce our love, from flowerbeds of dust,
Hope  again will become a wonderful thing
standing together against xenophobic tides,
Future will reveal dove's wings flapping
infinitely, forever  beyond humanities call.

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