Friday, 29 July 2011

Sir Thomas More (1478-1535) - UTOPIA

(This is ) the most accurate account I can give you of the Utopian Republic. To my mind, it's not only the best country in the world, but the only one that has any right to call itself a republic. Elsewhere, people are always talking about the public interest. but all they really care about is private property. In Utopia, where there's no private property, people take their duty to the public seriously. And both attitudes are perfectly reasonable. In other 'republics' practically everyone knows that, if he doesn't look out for himself, he'll starve to death, however prosperous his country may be. He's therefore compelled to give his own interests priority over those of the public; that is, of other people. But in Utopia, where everything's under public ownership, no one has any fear of going short, as long as the public storehouses are full. Everyone gets a fair share, so there are never any poor men or beggars. Nobody owns anything, but everyoneis rich - for what greater wealth can there be than cheerfulness, peace of mind, and freedom from anxiety?

THOMAS MORE, 1516, Book II

Unfortunately , it seems to me, that at this moment in time , we have none of the latter. The tories and their friends, and yes they still have a few in the mainstream media, very much into the opposite ideal. They seem intent on getting rid of any egalitarian value gained, fostering divde and rule. Attacking the marginalised and the vulnerable in the name of greed.
A whole ideology based on some outdated notion on the superior rights of the wealthy. Nothing is sacred to the profit maker.
I beleve their's another way, one of dignity and equality. What do I know?
Gotta go, someones offering me a smoke.In this library at least a glimpse of our shared humanity.Now where's my rizlas? Laters have a good weekend, avoid/remove all obstacles. All together now, kick out the Tories.


  1. The definition of Utopia is no place; or to be precise: not place.
    More's satire really suggests Utopia can only exist within inner space and not in the exterior.
    I guess when a society was forced to adopt mass apostacy there will always be more unsatisfied than satisfied.
    One man's heaven is another man's hell.
    Enjoy your smoke. roy

  2. hit the nail on the head their Roy, nice smoke but i forgot milk, and somehow ended up back here.... what is a perfect world? Some people love their country, their flag, or their mother..... utopia neither in the sky above or underneath our feet, but an idea... what starts always seems to have an ending.... sometimes opposites atract.. but now i'm digressing ,only popped out for the milk... now if the milk could come to me (think about that one later.)