Friday, 23 September 2011

Statement by the PSC on Palestine independence and the UN


The Palestinian Solidarity Campaign is firmly based on the principle of self-determination of the Palestinian people - including Palestinians living inside Israel, the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and the Palestinian diaspora - those refugees who live outside historic Palestine. The PSC supports the right of Palestinians to independence, freedom and a state of their own and their right to campaign for these rights. PSC supports the rights of the Palestinians to determine their own future, and supports the implementation of the reconciliation agreement between Palestinian parties.

The full  implementation of international law, including the end of Israel's illegal occupation, and the right of return of Palestinian refugees, are essential for a just solution.

The United Nations, since 1974, has recognised the PLO as the sole legitimate representative of all the Palestinian people, in their struggle to achieve their rights.

PSC supports actions in the UN that re-inforce these legal principles, and which uphold the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people.

The PSC calls on the British and EU Governments to act positively to assist the Palestinians in achieving their legitimate aim of creating an independant state.

The PSC will campaign and lobby in support of these principles in the discussions leading up to any debate in the UN on the question of Palestinaian independance, and calls on all its members, supporters and affiliated organisations to do so.


In personal capacity teifidancer is a member and supporter of the PSC  and supports the above statement wishes the Palestinian good luck today in their endeavor for U.N state recognition.
It never fails me that the enormous injustices and sufferings experienced by the people of  Palestine does not dominate the moral and political imagination of the world. With this bid the world is watching. Many nations are supporting the bid, the only vocal countries against are predictably the U.S.A and Israel.
I really hope the bid succeeds, recognising the 1967 borders and East Jerusalem as the captal just a start, their is so much more room for negotiation.
The recognition of group identity is a basic  and universal need, such recognition will establish a foundation for future relationships built on understanding and mutual respect. Becomming the 194th U.N member state  would become another fork on their long  route to freedom, justice and dignity. It certainly has been a long way coming.
Let us also remember that since the events of the Arab Spring, Israel has shown  no capacity to act in support of its real interests in the region, look at their failed relationships with Turkey and Egypt. A seperation wall has already been built already to be found in violation of international law, that already isolates Gaza from their brothers and sisters.
It will be  a victory to common sense if the U.N  finally recognises Palestine.
Oh and lets not forget the teifidancer maxim, in an ideal world, no borders would be necessary.

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