Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Wood Green Madrigal.

asks for spare change
Enemy: power
closes ranks
keeps secrets locked
Jesus laptop in hand
share his thoughts under false name.
Poets get lost in poundshop
local mujahadin sell their wears
 in top shop.
Down the street
boarded up windows
offer glimpse  of youths impulsiveness
the games kids play when pushed.
Strange things often happen
when we're simply not looking.

Got the late train back
into the station
looking now for a
souvenir shop
that sells freedom
where the electricity
costs nothing.
On the pavements outside
all that glitters is illusion
plastic smiles and forgotten prayers
hope rains down from passing windows.
Moralty is firm,
 let us sit still     for a moment
Underneath the cracks of division
melt away and dissapear
dreams buried deep underneath
 battered streets
laminate and reappear.
The purpose of all journeys
is one of discovery
please don't turn out the lights.

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