Sunday, 5 February 2012

William S. Burroughs (5/2/14 - 2/8/97) - Happy Birthday Bill.

William  S. Burroughs - Commisioner of Sewers

That genius Uncle Bill would have been 94 if he was still around. Then again his benevolent spirit still resonates here at teifidancer. Still remembered, this invisible man whose echoes still penetrates todays present. A true subversive always travels in disguise, the masks that are weaved are what shape us. Adventuror's beyond control.Soft voices in rythym still gently explode.
Listen all you boards, syndicates, governments of the world. Pay it all, pay it all back.
those crimson shadows, raising pen to a point, tales of twists , rubs it all out, we sit and wait for silence,
nothing lasts forever, only the usual manoeuvres, in the distance the motionless brake,the dark air carries the cry, moves through memory and saunters by, forbidden words that gather sorcery,and yes no borders are necessary, fragments follow crooked constellations, best to observe, shut out the order, there are no accidents, nothing happens unless someone wills it to happen. Smash the control images, smash the control machine.
                                              Willliam S . Burroughs - Is everybody in?

William S.Burroughs - Twilights last gleaming

Williams S. Burroughs - Pantopen Rose

William S. Burroughs - words of advice for young people.

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