Thursday, 19 April 2012

ATOS are reported to be Liars, while the B.B.C remains silent during yesterday's news!!

French  company Atos which  has a £108 million per year contract with the government, in shocking news has failed to remove grossly missleading claims from its website, depite being ordered to do so by the Advertising Standards Authority ..... Their very fussy about their image, and like bullies can display a willful arrogance... their dodgy figures boast  that
" Each year Atos Healthcare process over 1.2 million referrals for medical advice completing over 800,000 face-to-face medical assessments within our nationwide network of over 140 medical examination centres.'
" All our 1700 + healthcare professionals are fully trained to undertake disability assessments."
But Freedom of Infomation requests by the website WhyWaitForever.com reveal that referrals averaged 751,000 per year and the number of healthcare professionals was just 848 - far less than claimed by Atos....... those bunch of *****.
Atos has refused to cooperate with the ASA investigation, and despite being ordered to make changes to theseunsubstntiated claims, the material is still up their on their website ... They also have a history of trying to silence their critics and last year forced a thriving support forum for disabled people to shut down after users had the bravery to critisise the company. In the real world, round my place, the word Atos  is enough to put the fear in all and sundry and if I was not a nervous wreck in the first place, well I sure am, after just one whiff of the afformentioned.
And this story does not end there,  yesterday's  TheGuardian website had the headline "Disability right protesters bring Trafalgar Square traffic to a standstill,  it was all over facebook and the internet media as well but watching the BBC news last night... nothing there, they'd rather tell us a little bit more about the bloody jubilee, not a report on hown the hardest hit are beginning to find it difficult out there, and the reasons why, and Atos's involvement......

Disabled protester at London Demonstration.

source The Guardian

Atos they really do care though.....I read that somewhere, on their website I suppose.....but many people up and down the country are unhappy with the treatment they have recieved from ATOs, who have been shown time and time again to be making huge numbers of flawed decisions, part of the growing misery for profit culture that we are getting from David Cameron's we definitely are not in  it altogether government...... so it's a shame the BBC has been silent, but hey, their licence is up for renewal, and they want to bury bad news .... friend went for appeal theother day.... the assessment was over in less than 30 minutes! He didn't say much.... just nodded...... he was so bloody frightened, in 2010/11 their were 127,000 ESA tribunals...... working out at 350 per day..... of these, 47,600 were successful, ie, the client won! That's 37%, or 130 per day.... that's the numberof times ATOS have got things wrong. It would be nice to see the BBC reporting details like this.... but their probably scheduling a programme on stereotypical  benefit cheats or lovely police people with smiley cameras.  Oh and its's goin to get far worse George Osbourn has also mentioned that a new Comprhensive Spending Review would be tasked with finding between £10-11bn more savings in Welfare spending so a lot more work for ATOS or whoever is the scrupulous!! profitering operator by then, anyone heard of Serco, such quality, the wonderful principles they bring to the world ...... think I've worn myself out, and will have to go for lie down, but even though the government does not care and the BBC is playing it safe...... their are good folks out their, who offer a bit of hope.... this link is particularly useful .... ever tried ringing ATOS.... it will take you quite a while.... ..... Oh and ATOS if you're watching no malicious intent, just some honesty.

Thanks  to Political Scrapbook Blog

"Nothing is more discouraging than unappreciated sarcasm."

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