Sunday, 15 April 2012

Carlo Carra ( 11/2/1881 - 13/4/66) -Leaving the Theatre/ Notturno A Piazza Beccario di Milano/ Funeral of the AnarchistGalli

Leaving the Theatre

Notturno A Piazza Beccario di Milano

                                               Horseman of The Apocalypse

Funeral of the Anarchist Galli

Art is an important part of life. Friday was the anniversary of the death of Carlo Carra, the Italian Futurist painter, who tried to imbue his panting with movement and life.
At their best his pictures literally glow on the canvas,, he stated off in life as an anarchist, though unfortunately by the end of his life he had drifted far away from this pulse and had swapped it for an ideology of coldness and reactionary political views, but his art I can't really disagree with, and it is this that lives on.

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