Thursday, 3 May 2012

Lost and found

yesterday was feeling lost
but found some dope stashed in  flower pot
then came a knocking on the door
first a politican
then a couple wearing religious smiles
instant gratification did not arrive.

But as I inhaled deep
the sun came out
I went for a walk by the river side
a difficult day
suddenly came alive.

Stepping eastwards
criss-crossed ancient paths
turnd mobile phone off
connections were silenced
became invisible in nature
followed shadows and transformative bursts.

Today. I'll try and crack the codes
follow purpose, in steady progress
where vagaries are left behind
and disingneous links that tangle and blind
follow ideas that are already formed
the continium that seeks no control.

Under a watery sky
reality stretches
time dissects,
blind possibilities
scatter like seeds
and incoherant thoughts become
ever clear.

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