Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Boycott Apartheid ft M1 (Dead Prez) and Lowkey

Thia video was made in the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora nation, whose sovreignty never ceded.

The video was  made by the following BDS supporters

Camera: Fabio Cavadini

Lightning and Sound: Amanda  King

Music (oud and daf): Mohamed Youssef

Music recordist: Richie Belkner

Music composer: Osloob of Katibeh 5

Video editor: Adrian Warburton

Produced by: Rihab Charida and Aamer Rahman

Thanks to Salwa El-Shaikh, Jason De Santolo, Stephen Dobson, Fred Deveson, Sally Osborne and Theo Fatseas.

Video in order of appearance:

Mutulu "M1" Olugbala

Peter Manning

Milan Ring

Lowkey (Kareem Denis)

Tuva El-Shaikh

Kerrie McGrath

Fatima Mawas

Awate Suleiman

Anthony  Loewenstein

Anika Moeen

Asmer Rahman

Currently consumer confidence has plunged as a result  of the horsemeat scandal  and supermarkets are desperately trying to reassure shoppers that the food we buy is safe and correctly labelled.
But mislabelling in supermarkets is actually a wider issue- and in the case of produce from illegal Israeli settlements it has been systematic and long standing.
All Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories are illegal under international law. Many shoppers  who wish to buy ethically avoid buying  from suppliers who profit from the crimes of occupation. To do that you need to know where the food you buy is coming from. Recently their have been thousands of emails sent to supermarket CEOs calling  on them to follow the Co-operative's lead in implementing an ethical sourcing policy, and not using companies which deal in produce from the settlements. 
Their is a broad consensus among Palestinian civil society, about thhe need  for a wide and sustained Campaign for Boycott, Disvestment and Sanctions. These kind of actions are effective economic, political and cultural expressions of action, with many people  joining this call.  As a means of expessing their dissatisfaction with Israels apartheid policies.

More infomation on this subject can be found below

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