Thursday, 21 February 2013

Upon a Lunar Sea (for Kevin Ayers 14/8/44 -18/2/13 R.I.P)

A tribute to one of my favourite
singer, songwriters.

We sailed upon a lunar sea,
passed cracks in horizons,
with submerged dreams,
plunged the depths of oceans.
Under the influence of heady, sweet wine,
moved towards nearest perimeter,
primal navigators, looking like stowaways.

Taking many directions,
we couldn't find our way back home,
followed blossoming fragments that made
                                                     us  sway,
as the wind tore the clothes right of our
lost kind souls kept on calling,
in the distance we saw the twinkling of lights,
heard bells that softly rang, like voices of the
A rainbow tribe joined the congregation,
our playground full of adventure,
helped rid ourselves of staleness,
as we tumbled, roared  through time and space.

Stars sang, as we sailed on through,
with our slurred words of endurance,
as pages rained down, littered with inspiration.
All through the night, riptides toar us away,
from deep swells of trouble,
as a shaman blew wisdom, with soft gentle breath,
the music of the spheres played on and on,
and  the deeper we sang, we discovered,
everyone is love.

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