Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Military Drones out of Wales: End Drone terror killing

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The Welsh Government uses millons of pounds of our taxes to facilitate the testing of drones at Parc Aberporth up the road from me. The Israeli military are a  frequent presence there, and to say that I am uncomfortable with this would be an understatement.
The test work, carried out over the last  2 years by Qinetiq for the Ministry of Defence, was set to be completed in April, and has continued this summer.There are reports that theWatchkeeper UAV at the site is to be extended for another 2 years.
This is why I will be attending The Arms Fair Solidarity Event http://www.stopthearmsfair.org.uk at Aberporth, West Wales outside Parc Aberporth, supporting The Drones Campaign Network Cymru Event http://www.facebook.com/dronecampaignnetworkcymru
Military Drones Out of Wales:End Drone Terror Killing, coinciding with a vigil at the ExCel Arms Trade Fair http://www.dsei.co.uk/ in London, the World's largest Arm's Fair which is to showcase ' drones' and other remotely controlled weapons.
There will be a peaceful protest and demonstration on Monday the September at 12.00 midday at Parc Aberporth, Near Cardigan, West Wales.
Parc Aberporth is the main military training drone testing, training and evaluating Centre in Wales, despite many local objections. Local Amnesty International Group first raised concerns 4 years ago about the testing of drones, used by Israel against innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza, at Aberporth. Use of military drones against civilians is a human rights abuse.
I see nothing innocent in the use of drones, although the drones flown from Parc Aberporth do not carry missiles they are used by the British Army for surveillance and 'Target Acquisition'.
Similar technologies around the world, in Gaza, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia etc are armed and frequently kill ordinary people going about their every day lives. Over 2,500 people have been killed in Pakistan alone. Examples of psychological trauma caused by Drones exist in Gaza, where people have reported that Drones disrupt their daily activities, making them feel powerless and unsafe http://www.paltelegraph.com/palestine/gaza-strip/10481-the-other-israeli-psychological-war-on-gaza.html. So if you can come along, please come and join us. as we say no to Drones.

Meanwhile I would like to draw your attention to the following petition on behalf of  War On Want:

Tell the British Government to Ban Killer Drones

We're often told it's brutal regimes that trade in terror, when in fact democratic governments - including ours - have begun using a new weapon of choice:drones

Drones are unmanned aircraft, remotely controlled by 'pilots' from the ground at great distance from war zones. Far from being 'precision weapons' which kill intended targets with a high level of accuracy, recent reports indicate that at least 2,505 people have been killed by Drones in Pakistan alone.

Drones are indiscriminate weapons of war responsible for thousands of civilian deaths. In Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen, millions live under the constant threat of drone attacks.

Read More here
and please sign the petition

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