Monday, 9 September 2013

The War machine - Stop the DSEI Arms Fair

Occupy force of citizens against 'DSEI Arms Fair' in London
Citizens from all nations protested against the DSEI Arms fair held in the Excel Centre in London. The demonstrators held a die-in and pitched roughly 30 tents in the area.
A massive week of action is currently underway running from 7-14 September to take action against this Arms Fair which is bringing together 28,000 international buyers and sellers. These deals fuel the Arms Trade the world over, fuelling repression, conflict amd military with the complicity of our government. The Stop the Arms Fair coalition has also been attempting to highlight the 'deep hypocricy' of inviting manufgactures of Syrian weapons to showcase their wares in the Uk, while also condemning Syrian President Bashar al Assad in using them.
I have just returned from a succesful demonstration against the use of Drones at Parc Aberporth, Blaennananerch, West Wales, where I joined over a hundred strong crowd to protest against the militarisation of Welsh airspace. Joining my local Amnesty Group, C.N.D Cymru and other groups to call for the end of military drone testing.
We were aghast at the thought of our own Welsh Assembly Economy Minister Edwina Hart being in attendence at the Arms Fair, it was of the opinion that she did not represent athe voices of the people of Wales and  dissaproved of her comments after visiting the Arms Fair where she is reported to have  said : "This event provides an important an mportant platform to showcase the innovation advanced technology coming out of Wales and offers an excellent business opportunity for these clever companies to promote their capability." What an idiot I thought there is nothing clever about companies that profit from war.
We were roused by stirring speeches  from many different activists from different parts of Wales, local poets, and inspiring music from Cor Cochion Cymru, and left detemined to continue to spread our  messages, loudly in the name of peace and justice,  against the  the use of drones and other weapons that are used frequently to kill ordinary people who are going about their everyday lives across the globe. We will continue to say no to their use, when far from being used innocently, are used as indiscriminate weapons indiscriminately against civilians.

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