Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Happy 60th Alan Moore (18/11/13) : Don't Let Me Die In Black and White

Today  Alan Moore, Magician and great British comic writing genius turns 60  a man who I find fascinatingly brilliant, who  gets my mind reeling every time I come across him. Because  the stuff that he untaps is really powrful stuff. Often he takes me to places and ideas that need further exploration. I also admire him because he is an intelligent propobent of radical alternative views, that help erode the staleness of false certainties and prevailing consensus.
Filmed in 1993, shortly before Alan's 40th birthday, the above film was made during the period in which Alan was conducting research into the history of Northampton for the book 'Voice of the Fire. Nothing was scripted, and there were no second takes. This edit of the film was made in 2000, and was shown to Sara Woodford at Id World, who commisioned the film 'Comic Tales with Alan Moore' for Channel 4. The title of the film comes from a line in Alan's song. 'Old Gangsters Never Die' (the Bside of 'Sinister Ducks') -If I die and god knows I might, don't let me die in black and white.'
At moment I'm sitting in my local library really wish I could pay a visit to Mr Moore's personal one, think I'd feel rather at home, with a nice cup of tea, and a spliff perhaps.. The following film 'The mindscape Of Alan Moore' I would strongly recommend to anyone who cares about Mr Moore's thoughts and ideas.
Happy 60th Mr Moore, thanks.

Will leave you today with some words from Mr Moore himself.

'I don't think people realise how vital libraries are or what a colossal danger it would be if we were to lose anymore. Having had a trunctuated school life myself, all of my education from the age of 17 has been self-taught. I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for the opportunity the library gave me - Alan Moore

'The central question is is this guy right? Or is he real? What do you the reader think about this? Which struck me as a properly anarchist solution. I didn't want to tell people what to think, I just wanted to tell people to think and consider some of these admittedly extreme little elements, which nevertheless do recurr, fairly regularly throughout human history.' -Alan Moore

'Everybody is special, everybody. Everybody is a hero, a lover, a fool, a villain. Everybody has their story to tell' - Alan Moore

There you are, if you find you've lost your own truth, go out, take a look and rediscover, remember too the tides of history forever turning.

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