Thursday, 28 November 2013

Stop the Prawer Plan: Day of Rage

On  the 24th of June, the Israeli Knesset approved the so-called Prawer Palan, which if implemented will  result in the destruction of more  than 35 unrecognised villages in  Al-Nagab  in the south of the Israeli state,   and the forced expulsion and confinement of more than 70,000 Palestinian Bedouins from their ancestral homelands in the desert.
The majority of these vilages pre-date the establishment of the Israeli state, yet Israel refuses to recognise them. As the inhabitants  are non-Jewish citizens, the state has chosen to treat them as 'illegal communities', denying them essential rights and services such as connection to the electric, water and transport networks, and refusing to provide medical, postal and educational services. Israel treats construction within these villages as illegal and regularly demolishes the homes of the residents. The Israelis have demolished the village of Al-Arakib more than fifty times.

Bedouin Village of Al-Arakib being razed to the ground

This plan is the largest Israeli land-grab since 1948. It epitomises  the true nature of Israels policy of expansion and containment. Despite opposition from Bedouin leaders,  and the International communitty's repeated calls to halt  the implementation of the Prawer Plan, Israel still seems intent on pushing it through.  The UN committe  on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination has also condemned  the plan saying it will 'legalise the ongoing policy off home demolitions and forced displacement of the indigenous Bedouin communities.' Also, in 2012, the European Parliament passed a resolution calling on Israel to stop the Prawer plan and its policies of forced displacement and dispossesion.
We must all as human beings, say no to the Prawer Plan, we should also note that International corporations such as Caterpillar, Hyundai, Volvo and JCB are providing the equipment that Israel uses to carry out its demolitions in the Nageb area. I would urge people to join campaigns to boycott these companies and encourage investment bodies to remove their money from them.
On 30th November their will be major mobilizations across all of Palestine as part of the Day of Rage.
During the last 2 big mobilzations against the Prawer plan on the 15th of July and August the 1st, thousands of Palestinians went to the streets in opposition to the plan.
On Saturday the International community will also be keeping up the pressure, in acts of solidarity against this draconian piece of legislation, in protests across the globe , and in individual efforts of pushing our own governments into condemning Israels actions.
The Prawer plan should not be allowed to pass, otherwise it will become yet another chapter in Palestines long and tragic history. Opposing the Prawer Plan is to say no to etnic cleansing, displacement, and confinement in the 21st Century.

No to Prawer Plan

Stop Prawer Plan Protest in the Negev - Protest and chanting

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  1. today anti-prawer-protests in berlin:

    a few hipsters have been trying to provoke with israel-flag on the other street side.

    they said that Israel is demonized by the demonstrators. wtf -
    they said they (supposedly) reject the prawer-plan - but protest with Israel flag against a demonstration WICH IS against the prawer-plan and no arbitrary incitement against the State of Israel or Jews.
    that makes no sense.

    they have photographed the demonstrators and they accused the protesters of being hamas-supporter (btw, there were also "european jews for a just peace germany" present on the anti-prawer-plan-demo).

    its nothing more than a bite reflex against anything even vaguely in solidarity with Palestinian civilians.

    the 4, 5 interferers were finally expelled from the protesters of the place.

  2. thanks for the above informationmuch appreciated, they shall not pass.and also last week Israeli authorities have given the go ahead for the construction of 800 new sttler homesin the occupied West Bank, and the collective punshment of Gaza arrives in the form of raw sewage, a disaster of huge proportions.