Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Chelsea Manning ends hunger strike

Since Monday's post have heard that Chelsea Manning , the brave whistleblower has decided to end her hunger strike, as from yesterday September 13th. The army has finally agreed to treatment for her gender dysphoria.
"This is all that I wanted – for them to let me be me,” said Chelsea Manning.
“But it is hard not to wonder why it has taken so long and why such drastic measures were needed in order to get this help that was recommended.”
Chelsea was shown a memo  stating she will receive gender-reassignment surgery under the DoD’s new policy affecting transgender service members.If this actually occurs, she will be the first trans prisoner in the US to receive such treatment, setting a precedent that could benefit thousands of transgender inmates.
“This medical care is absolutely vital for Chelsea.It was the government's refusal to provide her with this necessary care that led to her suicide attempt earlier this year.
It is still outrageous though that she was forced into this situation in the first place, at then of the day she should be free from any confinement, and a pardon should be given  to allow her the freedoms that we all take for granted. She still ridiculously faces charges for her suicide attempt earlier this year.
Read more here and sign petition to drop all absurd charges against her here:-