Monday, 13 February 2017

Well done Ken Loach

Big ups Ken Loach. BAFTA award for outstanding British film. True Hero. Fantastic acceptance speech! It needs to be watched again and again ...big respect to him. His film that has  helped expose our Governments conscious state sponsored cruelty and absolute betrayal of people in need.
Scooping the prize, the veteran filmmaker criticised the “callous brutality” of the current Government and its attitude towards “the most vulnerable and the poorest people.” Not done there, Loach also brought up the government’s approach to the Syrian crisis, claiming the Tories’ disgraceful cruelty” now “extends to keeping out refugee children”.
Drawing hearty applause from the crowd, Loach also talked about the power of film - “they can entertain, they can terrify, they can take us to worlds of the imagination, they can make us laugh, and they can tell us about the world we live in” – and then issued a stern warning that worse times are to come: “in that world it’s getting darker, as we know, and in the struggle that’s coming between the rich and the powerful, the wealth and the privilege, and the big corporations, and the politicians who speak to them.”
Ironically Ken Loach's speech and Bafta win for I, Daniel Blake were completely ignored by BBC News, despite the programme following the ceremony in the schedule.The BBC is a disgrace ,a propaganda machine for the Establishment that we suckers,  are still forced to pay for.
While the eyes of the world are on Donald Trump we should not forget  that  the Conservatives, under the direction of Theresa May  carry on with their ideolological destruction of our society , and simply carry on regardless, with their mission of punishing the poor and those most vulnerable, we need to continue to stand up like  Ken  Loach and loudly say enough is enough.


  1. Well said, Dave. The BBC should have played the whole speech. This Government can spend billions on updating Trident while destroying the very society they claim to protect.

  2. cheers, those who have there own duplitious reasons will try to continue to try to bury the reality of what is happening, thanks though that some people will keep exposing their cruel rotten agenda.