Friday, 11 June 2021

Beyond mediocrity

Your heart is a mere mass
Of blood and valves
Pumping to keep you alive.

The mind is a collection
Of cells and neurons
Making us conscious of our existence.

Alpha is past
But never was.
Omega is future
We can all taste reality.

Feelings can dangerously ensnare
Release anger, pain and hatred 
Jealousy, deception, depression
Fear swelling up deep inside.

Thoughts can teach us
Tell us which way to go
Ride through nightmares
Carry us through stormy weather.

Is the chorus of fools
Blind indifference
To the suffering all around us
Passionless does not give a fuck.

Life is a lesson
Roads open or closed
The taste of love
Struggles verified and unbroken.

Compassion delivers justice
Without it, no peace 
Harness it, remain undeterred 
With laughter too, stay faithful and true.

There are beginnings and endings
Dances with different names
Challenges constantly unravelling
Dreams, sweet like honey
Clearing cobwebs from mind.