Saturday, 28 May 2022

Retribution ( For Boris Johnson)

After deceitfulness has been exposed 
There are lessons to be learnt,
We can untangle the threads
That make hearts and minds boil.

With their betrayal, time to scream, shout 
To ease discomfort, hold power to account,
Moving on, only to keep fighting back
Against a system that tries to cripple rationale.

With eyes wide open now
And an angry summer approaches
The night air disturbed by rebellion
The country once more awoken.

Remember they started all this
As they behaved like dictators,
While the rest of us took shelter
Cancelled out lifes excesses.

If your not paying bloody attention
One party, one leader, on the road to fascism,
We cant say we don't know what's happening
Still repulsive, delivering liars forked tongue.

His leadership failed to protect us
Only dished out  further restrictions,
That he ignored as people died
Partied on, tightened oppressive grip.

Let our days be full of rage 
While we plan  paths of retribution
Place cogs in their alglorithm
In the name of  revolution.

Bring to life, key necessities of change
Follow the mirage of hope that never faded,
Beyond the brazen stains of corruption
Reflection of the future, erasing the darkness.

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