Sunday, 6 June 2010


Under a clear sky
sitting next to Daily Telegraph reader
wondering how they bark,
am adrift in foggy insecurity
too much calm
not enough pity.
20 dead in international waters
maybe more,
12 more near Whitehaven shore,
dreams in shatters
no calm,
dirty tears are descending
driven mad men
carrying an army of pain.
Exit wounds blew away their skulls,
deaths tonque slips quietly into murky water.
Where is the Peace
falling, falling, falling,
crackling with gunfire.
Flotillas of hope will again set sail
carried on new waves of optimism,
far adrift in the ocean.
Gotta keep moving on
clouds of unchartered breaths
navigating away
from the darkness.
Free ourselves
from all this division
before it's far too late,
lets start tomorrow with Palestine.

Written 4/6/10

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