Thursday, 25 November 2010

Kenneth Patchen - The Wolf of Winter.

The wolf of winter
Devours roads and towns
In his white hunger.

The wolf of winter
Sticks his paw into the city's rancid pot,
Wanly stirring its soup of whores and suicides.

O the wolf of winter
Crunched on the bones of the poor
In his chill white cave.

The wolf of winter . . .
The grim, the cold, the white
Beautiful winter wolf
That feeds on our world.


  1. Awesome poem. Thanks for posting it. For info about Patchen and the Kenneth Patchen Award for the Innovative Novel, see Poets & Writers even posts a video with Kenneth's readings and images of Patchen's New York. It's worth checking out.

  2. agree, lovePatchen's work. The journal of Albion Moonlight I particularly enjoy, his life of constant struggle, an inspiration.His picture books rather lovely too.