Thursday, 25 November 2010

Taking back the Future.

I think the public, realise now that things aren't as good as they used to be. I think too that they know who has been fostering this. We cannot blame the students or ordinary people in the streets.
They see a mounting anger , they see their Liberal Democrat representatives in Westminster, as yellow as yellow can be, gradually turning into shades of deepest blue.

The cuts that the ConDem coalition have announced will not effect themselves one iota, do they really ignore the passion emerging , yes I'm afraid they do. They don't care about anyone but themselves, but people are waking up and realising this. They know now this coalition never wanted any real change,a shift of power perhaps and a country utterly divided between rich and poor.
They believe their own right wing press , so much so that they are so much on a pedestal that the only way they will come of , is if they are mightily pushed.
If they even tried living for one minute the life of me and my friends, they would see for themselves how hard it is in the real world, they would not last a minute.
The ConDem coalition keep saying how necesaary these cuts are. They are not speaking the truth. The cuts are plainly ideologically driven , based on complete economic falseness.
Against this backdrop of government driven austerity the recent actions of students up and down the country must be welcomed. They have significant support despite sensational reportage in the right wing press. It is nice to see the young revitalised and energised, the public I believe will get behind them. A broad coalition is forming against these cuts, standing united and without nothing to fear, and nothing to lose.
Sadly this is not being reported truthfully on the mainstream news at the moment, so we have a situation where Murdoch and his cronies are doin the coalitions job for them, but in the words of Billy Bragg _ "When you wake up to the fact that your paper is prejudiced - just remember there are two sides to every story."
Goin beyond resistance and putting an end to Captalism is perhaps another issue but we have to some how work together to oppose this government and take back the future before its too bloody late.
Take it easy out there.

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