Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Kevin Robins - Con-Dem Love

This is about Government attack on the most vulnerable people in our society, and the need to fight back against the Con-dem welfare cuts.

a recent survey by the Mental Health Charity Mind revealed that 51%  of people with mental health  conditions were left with suicidal thoughts after  the prospect of a work capability assessment carried out by ATOS. Increasingly too these assessments have repeatedly ignored evidence from G.Ps and consultants. 61% of E.S.A claims though are won at tribunal, hence wrong decisions being made. If the D.W.P actually made right decisions in the first place we would save society £ 7 million.
Mr Cameron thinks also society has become too sensitive, increasingly it is  apparent that he is out of touch with reality, and  it is his ideological heart that is rotten. Plain for all to see. 

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