Friday, 12 August 2011

Rough justice.

When capitialism grows ill. their is always a tradition of  things taking a turn for the worst. Its been ill for a while mind you.Things can spiral out of control. Mobs can be created by societies divisions. It's interesting that the rioting and vandalism committed earler is repeatedly being called mindless, but what actually is more of a disgrace, poor people often not articulate enough to express their needs, desperate and frustrated who then  grab what they can, because they have seen politicians behaving like  criminals , and getting away with it for so long, again and again, and who then condemns those who follow in the politicians footsteps ,the very same M.Ps  who they themselves stole from the public purse by claiming expenses to which they were not entitled.
Well double standards ares definitely not the answer , to societies problems nor are draconian, disproportionate sentences, that in many cases do not bear any relation to the crime, a six month jail term for stealing 3 bottles of water, surely is not right, yes their were some terrible things that happened earlier in the week, but what about  the shameful actions of  the city bankers who brought about our current financial, economic crises.
Saw that dreadful woman Hazel Blears M.P on T.V last night, roundly condemning and branding people as criminals in her constituency in Salford. Yet, is she not a thief herself. The hypocricy on parade is amazing. But some peoples audacity and cheek  is allowed, and they reappear freshly  rehabilitated  for us all to see , and  are allowed somehow to be redeemed, whilst the dispossessed who take what they like  as well are called looters and gaoled whilst the bankers  who did what they liked too, got rewarded with their bonuses. So it seems like one rule for some and another for the powerful.
Well somethings got to change, and no, not the vision that Cameron has planned, one I do not hesitate to mention he  has had planned all along. His  ideas , borrowed from his tory forefathers, one of draconian punishment and backward regressive thought.  It is I suppose what is to be expected from him and his mindset, they  really needed no excuse....rough justice, is all some  ever want. But if you push people away,  without offering help,  into corners and avenues  of unforgiveness, some will naturally want to push back. 

the Goose and the Commons - Anonymous 17th Century
against English enclosure

The law locks up the man or
Who steals the goose from
off the common
But leaves the greater
villain loose
Who steals the common
from off the goose.

The law demands  that we
When we take things we do
not own
But leaves the Lords and
ladies fine
Who take things that are yours and mine.

The poor and wretched
don't escape
If they conspire the law to
This must be so but they
Those who conspire to
make the law.

The law locks up the man or
Who steals the goose from
off the common
And geese will still a
common lack
Till they go and steal it

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