Monday, 15 August 2011

What is human decency?

What does it mean to be law-abiding?
In last few days , David Cameron has been keen to pontificate on the subject, droning on in front of willing cameras, eager to sound pious but  not really adding anything of value. Perhaps I'm missing something, don't really think so .
Consider the following from him
" These are sickening scenes of people looting, vandalising, thieving, robbing, scenes of people attacking police officers and even attacking fire crews as they are trying to put out fires. This is criminality pure and simple, and it has to be confronted and defeated . People should be in no doubt that we are on the side of the law-abiding people who are appalled by what has happened. " and then their's this one,
" Our security fightback must be matched by a social fightback. We must fight back against the attitudes and assumptions that have bought parts of our society to this shocking state."
Many others have since echoed these thoughts. But whose side is he really on. Should we not throw these getsures back at him.
It is him and his friends that should be held into account, according to the very same criteria that they use to judge and condemn others.
Many of the politicians that are now using these sentiments against others, is it not a fact that they themselves have sanctioned illegal wars and policies that have led to the deaths of hundred of thousands of people.
The sanctions imposed on Iraq in the 1990s that led to the deathsof 500,000 children. Currently in Libya, a similar policy. As the body pile mounts up as do the double standards.
Cameron condemns ordinary people who have taken to  the streets,some of whom  echoed the tories mantra of greed is good.. Who has caused a Britain full of social deprivation, who has caused this chasm, this chaos?
Who are the real criminals?
Who has done the most robbing, the most looting, who steals aour every daily bread?
I thank othe friend in social media for most of these thoughts, borrowed, paraphrased?
Heres some statistics taken from my facebook friend Devotional Hooligan.

Highest estimated cost  of riots : £ 100 million
Tax avoidance by Vodafone : £ 6 billion
Tax spent on Libyan intervention : £1 Billion
Tax avoidance in2010 by richest people in Uk : £7 billion
Tax payers bill for banking crisis : £131 billion
Tax money spent in Iraq conflict : £ 4.5 million
Tax money spent on Afghan conflict up until 2007 : £ 7 billion
Total M>P expenses bill (2007) : £ 87.6 million

Perspective: Priceless

Cost of human decency? Nil.

Normal service will return soon  , what is normal anyway.
Fuck you Mr Cameron , your democracy is a schism.
Loot a shop, go to jail,
loot a nation, pat  yourself on the back....
happy days are here again, and yes I do get fixated!
I try to keep a sense of both measure and proportion.


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