Thursday, 21 June 2012

Floating( A Poem for Midsummer)

Some words that arrived
in the library 10 minutes

A feather lands softly
upon a wave caught by wind
turns into many trees
with evergrowing branches.

Offers no explanation
follow's earth's ripple
goes beyond anger
caused by political neglect.

Sweet invocations
of mystery and mischief
flowing with the scent of memory,
a distant hum, a fluttering drum.

Catching breath, unravelling thought
treading softly among inner sanctuary
hiding from danger, finding portions of calm
some kind of nourishment, before tomorrows storm.

The times are hard, and the land lies dark
but a hungry sap will always rise
there are old traditions that carry the truth of seasons
in tandem with the longing of present reason.

Paradise does not need to be lost
each day we make is tailor made,
Albion, Gwalia it's fragrance sweet,
calling, calling, calling.


  1. Wow .... very cool Dave
    Beautiful ... Mythic Epic

  2. thanks you very much.........glad you enjoyed it, and am always artial to a bit of feedback......regards.