Saturday, 23 June 2012

People and Power - The Great Olympic Greenwash.

Organisers of the London Olympics 2012, boast it will be the most environmentally friendly ever.
But with all the medals coming from one huge polluting hole in the ground in Utah, it could be more greenwash than green.
An investigation by People & Power into alleged violation of environmental standards by a key sponsor of the London 2012 Olympics.
With a little over one month to go untill the games, criticisms of the games sponsors are reaching crescendo. The concept of 'sustainability' will need to stand up to scrutiny if London is to truly achieve its vision of 'the greenest games ever.' How can this happen before any contrarian voices are drowned out by the cheers of Olympic crowds, hovever, is up to us.

The Great Olympic Greenwash
(an investigation).

Vote Rio Tinto for Greenwash Gold

Rio Tinto is the only Olympic supplier that was able to start production without having an audit in place, according to the watchdog Committe for a Sustainable London 2012. War on Want executive director John Hilary has added ' Rio Tinto's record should disqualify it from being the Olympics medals supplier. No companies should be allowed to wrap themselves in the Olympic flag if they duck their responsibilities over human rights or environmental abuse. 

Dow Chemical Olympics Parody

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