Friday, 29 June 2012

Why does this video irritate Chris Grayling?

This video originally appeared for the Ministry of Justice (Moj) employment and support allowance appeals video, back in March, then this video was pulled after less than a week, on the orders of senior officials. When you click on the original video link it has dissapeared , not sure why it was pulled because the video is actually reasonably informative and reassuring for people who have no experience  of appeal tribunals.
Normally  MoJ videos get very little attention, but because of Mr Graylings intervention, this video became very popular indeed.
He apparently e.mailed the ministry complaining about, amongst other things, the fact that it told claimants:

. that they are twice as likey to win their appeal if they appear in person rather than having a paper hearing;
. that the DWP doesn't normally send a representative to the hearing;
. to send additional evidence to the tribunal, when Grayling wants it sent to the DWP.

Now the video is back, and to their credit, after their initial panic MoJ officials seem to have left it unaltered.

Perhaps the Torys don't want to be seen as being helpful, after all they are the rabid nasty party, deeply lacking in compassion or empathy, and have an image to maintain dont they?

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Wonder how long the latest video link stays up?

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