Sunday, 25 August 2013

Ecce Homo

                                          William Blake - Ancient of Days

Once upon a time,
when man was born,
I imagine our first ancestors,
facing endless nights in darkness,
hours of waiting, for a light to reveal,
strangers footprints, the sound of laughter,
sailing through the air,
vistas of companionship.

Stored knowledge on a cave wall,
as voices learnt to sing,
discovered the rules of love,
sought progress, and the elements,
needed for survival,
water, air, earth and fire,
infinity's keys opening locks,
smoke signals rising across continents,
in innocent time, before the kiss
                                 of ideology,
and the need for cant and fear,
in past seasons, as wind lifted hope,
perhaps these little things,
are all we ever needed,
to help us understand.

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