Monday, 12 August 2013

It's Not Unusual To Boycott Apartheid

Sir Tom Jones is due to play in Israel later this year. Please ask him to heed the Palestinian call for boycott and ask him not to play in apartheid Israel.

Sir Tom Jones: Please don't play in apartheid Israel

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International Welsh superstar Tom Jones is scheduled to perfprm in Israel at Tel Aviv's Nokia Arena on 26 October.

We say Why? Why? Why?

Israel is guilty of ongoing ethnic cleansing, land and water theft and stands accused of war crimes. It is the subject of several UN resolutions which it routinely ignores.
Israel has illegally occupied the West Bank since 1967 and continues to impose a harsh blockade on Gaza, which even UK P.M David Cameron has called the largest open air prison in the world.

There is also a facebook page that you can find here

It should be noted that Sir Tom Jones was persuaded by Welsh campaigners without much difficulty to not go back and play in apartheid South Africa, it would be a lovely achievement if he was able to reconsider his position in relation to performing in Israel.
Artists must  continually  be asked not to contribute  to the whitewashing of Israel's occupation. The logic of cultural boycotts is that they hurt the image of the oppressor state, making it and its products less appealing to the international public.
I would be very grateful if Sir Tom Jones was to pay heed to the call, and join   other high profile performers that I admire, in responding positively to the calls for boycott.

We should never be ashamed  that apartheid, occupation, siege, blockades and institutionalised racism in all it's forms must be challenged and abolished.

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