Thursday, 1 August 2013

Sieze the the Day/ Carpe Diem

( written for Lammas Day,We have festivals of hope, of love and fertility, in honour of  death and the ancestors.this is one of gratitude, of celebrating what has been achieved, an affirmation of life, halfway between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox.
It is the harvest of the first grain. .
I'm wishing people joy amidst the chaos, roses as well as bread. )

In this spinning cauldron of time
hold on to any chance that breaks,
return again and again, to old ideas that glow
resurrect old threads, spread messages of survival
with ink and smiles, and a glint of hope.

Release sparkles of thankfulness
grenades filled with passion,
plant seeds of disobedience across the night sky
for flowers to bloom again and again 
as the day hums with  energies emergence.

Add some portions of light and shade
chuck in shards of possibility,
as autumn whispers in the corner
the future is shaped by borderless hands
working together towards transitions transformation.

As the earth rises into new foundations
allow gardens of independence to flourish,
echoes rising among the sweet rain,
take a walk into  rich, deep dimenson
avoid the obstacles, sieze the day.

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