Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Explosion in Turkey : Capitalism kills

A woman cries at the scene of one of  the explosion sites, after several explosion sites killed at least 200 people and injured over 80  at a mine in Soma, in the Western Turkish province of Manisa. Most deaths were due to carbon monoxide poisoning.
There are reports  of over  400 trapped underground. Imagine  this had taken place in a Parliament building and the dead and trapped people were politicians, imagine the media frenzy ...Yes exactly.
Miners  have blamed the disaster  on the absence of safety procedures  and the drive for profit at the massive mine. It is to me another case of work murder, where workers are forced to work in sites  in illegal, irregular, unsafe and  unhealthy conditions.
Those who try to protect their wealth  by saying 'profit and capital first', rather than 'People first' share responsibility for these murders. Turkey  has lost  many other workers like  this in similar accidents because of  their bosses thirst for profit and casual disregard for safety procedures, but this is the worst disaster for decades and is now being regarded as a catastrophe. To say that I am angry is an underestimate, at the end of the day, again and again  CAPITALISM KILLS.
All part of a system designed to maximise profit and create obscene  amounts of wealth for a privileged minority and consigning millions to a life of hardship and misery.
My thoughts go out to the victims, and the survivors, their families and those who are left to mourn.

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