Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Why not to vote - Shane Jansen-bowen


Some valid, coherent, thoughts from guest contributor in anticipation of tomorrows European election or any other in fact.

Don't vote, don't even think about voting. Don't  worry that not  voting is a wasted opportunity.
Don't reach for the people died so that you can vote justification. Don't believe that there is hope from NEW government. Just think  for a moment. Politicians ARE dishonest. A broad generalisation I know, but a stereotype that has been proven  in its rigorous Westminster playground over and over.
Have you noticed in the past that laws that have been passed have improved things.
What do politicians actually do? How much do they really get paid when you add up all the benefits they receive? How does your income  reflect their income? Well  there is plenty of info on all that crap out there so I will assume you know this shit.
Why are some people poor? That's a valid question. Farmers, factories, mass production techniques mean that one man can provide for 1000's so why is everyone poor?
A builder will make 100's of houses in his lifetime, why  is anyone without a roof? A person goes down to the stream to drink. Someone else brings a bucket so many can drink. A well, a dam, a desalination plant. You get my flow.
No one should ever be thirsty. Why are we? Because we have the same system of governance that we have had for millennia. It's called a hierarchy. This system is holding humanity in stasis, preventing the next evolutionary step. A step for both the freedom of the individual and the chance at global community.
You generally make a choice between the red and the blue, why? It would be easy to show with 'prove anything' statistics that for the majority, party X was more favourable than party Y but you are missing the point. We say 'the lesser of two evils'., we joke about it. It's not very bloody funny. Any vote is going to result in a negative outcome, so don't.
I do propose anarchy, the type where you sit on your but and ignore the powerful, just like you would with a child that was having a tantrum. Politicians allow people to die, they cause wars, they sponsor greed and they do this in your name because you voted for that. You paid for children to die. The action of your representative, in your name, with your signature have caused untold misery. These people are insane and you allow this insanity to grow and fester into depravity.
Name me a good man, one that never got angry, never did anything wrong, compassionate one with no flies. All those names you're thinking, are you sure they were never a soldier, are you sure they were not misogynistic, held views that were popular but not bigoted against some faction.
We are not perfect and voting for someone to be in charge is crazy, we don't need managing, we don't need direction. We just need compassion and a willingness to help each other. Most of us already have that. So ask yourself just what does the government do for you or anyone you know? Do they really help you?
What does that friend of yours do for you? ..... Yeah! They do make a difference.
We have civil servants, we don't need government.
Don't vote.


  1. Hi Shane. Interesting article.
    Here's an edited copy of my Facebook post from election time.
    Why I didn't vote in the election.
    It had nothing to do with apathy. I used to be an active member of a political party and involved in a number of pressure groups. But since I became one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I no longer vote. Here's an article that explains briefly why many people like me had already decided which government we support. Not Conservative. Not Labour. Not even the Lib-Dems that I used to campaign for. In fact, not any human political organization. But, rather like my friends all around the world, I look to God's government to solve all of humanity's problems.

  2. This is not Shanes blog, this was a guest post. Regards. Personally though teifidancer follows no gods nor masters.