Sunday, 5 October 2014

Overgrow the system... Give thanks to the Mother

Tuira Kayapo is an indigeneous Elder Mama warrior  who showed the world  what happens  when Women   take  charge of their power. She walked  into the 1989 Altamira Gathering in Brazil  against the destruction  of Dams in the Zingu, in her war paint, naked and carrying a large machete. She then walked up to the President of Brazil's Light holding Company Petrobras  and running the blade of her  machette  three times over his cheeks, proclaimed his act  on her people and on the entire Amazon as an act of war. She then stated in Kayopa :-
" You are a liar - We do not need electricity. Electricity is not going to  give us our food. We need our rivers to flow freely, our future depends on it. We need  our jungles for hunting and gathering. We do not need your dam."
Everyone stood in absolute  awe  at her audacity, especially the President of Petrobras who looked quite afraid .. yet what I see in her is a true example of WHAT Mamas are capable of in their full  Power...
We have ALL become tired of this mess the world is in... It is time to reclaim our truth. Don't play with our good hearts and intentions. I am grateful  for women like  Chief Kayapo, who was bold enough  to say no to colonialist exploitation. Bravely demanding respect, to allow her and her people  to live as they want and choose, expressing the feelings of her entire nation.

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