Thursday, 9 October 2014

R.I.P 'Louakanikos' The Greek Riot Dog

'Loukanikos'  internationally known as the 'Riot Dog' has sadly passed away recently at the age of 10, His name translates into English as 'sausage'. This valiant  dogs health was adversely affected by  police asphyxiating  gas and from being kicked on numerous occasions by the police. Forcing him to retire from active protest 2 years ago. More than just a dog, he was a protector and a beloved comrade facing down riot Police daily as demonstrators took to the streets  of Greece  standing against austerity measures, he was usually  to be found at the thick of all the action in front of the crowds.So legendary was this noble creature that he had a bar named after him in Madrid. He was on the couch sleeping when suddenly his heart stopped.
This  courageous four legged revolutionary who led  many a fight for justice will bark no more.
Rest in Power.

Louakinikos in action


David Rovics - Riot Dog


  1. Thanks for the post, we need more dogs like LOUAKANIKOS. Solidarity from Australia. @

  2. cheers ...solidarity from West Wales.