Monday, 16 February 2015

John Davies (b 1938 -16/2/15) The Welsh nations historian. R.I.P

Sad to hear the news earlier that I heard of the passing of John Davies, one of  Wales's most eminent historians. His book " History of Wales" I consider to be an essential read, a story of two milliennia , a masterful account  that traces  the political, social and cultural  history  of my land and country,that he weaved with much articulateness, and humor. Alongside being  a historian he contributed largely  to the fortunes of the Welsh language. He is remembered as one of the founders of the Welsh language society/Cymdeithas Y Iaith. He was also regular broadcaster here in Wales on television and the radio. It was from him and the late Gwyn Alf Williams that I rediscovered my peoples history, not the English history that was forced down our throats when we were at school. A huge loss to the nation of Wales. R.I.P
Here is a poem that I have just written in his and Gwyn's  memory.


As pages turned, they helped us remember,
what had lay forlorn, almost forgotten,
allowed us to search for the past again,
to capture memories, tales of yesterday,
the hiraeth of longing of byegone time.
In our nations soil, buried deep,
ancient shadows, greeting today and tomorrow,
reflecting what has been, what will continue to grow,
as our nation drowns in the tears of history
we hold on now, waiting for the continuance of our journey,
forever unfolding, what began so long ago.         


  1. Dave, I never told you that I make local history researches and write about it in a local magazine. Also wrote 3 books some years ago and might work to a next one soon. It is so important to discover our past roots to understand "our present time", the local people, character, food, traditions, tales, historical monuments and so on. For this reason I guess this man did a lot for the Welsh community. Cheers. Franca Panizza

  2. Ah , no, you never did, interesting, good for you. These are the things that make our nations breathe. Regards.

  3. Yes, we need to breath, considering also what's happening down in Libia these days. Italy might be involved in something very difficult and horrible. I don't envy those living in Lampedusa or Sicily, so near Libian coast.

  4. yes, at least the new Greek government is showing the way, with their announcement that they are going to close down all thieasylum detention centres,