Thursday, 19 February 2015

No to Margaret Thatcher Memorial Library and museum.

There are plans afoot to build a memorial to Margaret Thatcher, but lets  not forget their is already a memorial to her, they are called food banks.
Personally I feel  neither should ever exist, nor should they be  pitted against each other as either/ or option.
Thatchers legacy  is as one of the most divisive political figures that this country has ever known, who is still universally hated  by the majority of the citizens who lived  under her brutally destructive  policies.
To spend a single penny in her memory, whilst her dark  shadow lingers among foodbanks,  the growing number of homeless and continuing N.H.S cuts would be an absolute disgrace.
Thatcher is dead but  Thatcherism lives on. No public money should be spent on idolising this ugly spirit, it should be noted that her poisonous policies helped shape the policies of all our current mainstream policies.
I have searched deep, but have been  unable  to find anything good about her to remember. This was a woman ( can I even call her that) that  unleashed so much damage to our country, lets not forget  that because of her  our manufacturing industries were destroyed which led to mass  unemployment. She also precipitated the social housing crisis that is still felt today. Her whole manta was the destruction of peoples way of life. We are still struggling because of her, and the legacy that she left is a very bitter  pill to swallow.
She also  supported Pinochet, Saddam, Suharto, Botha and the House  of Saud, that speaks volumes about the kind of demon she was.
There was something  heartless about her,  her complete lack of compassion and blatant disregard for peoples feelings. It always seemed that she hated us all, this is what defined her twisted ideology. Miners, steelworkers, trade unionists, local councils, benefit recipients, single mothers, gay people, the Irish, the Scots, the Welsh, the entire North of England - all were in her sights.
Yes I hated all she stood for and years after her death these feelings do not rescind. Yep I still hate Thatcher  and everything she spawned, and always will
We need to bury Thatcherism and her memory now more than ever , please consider signing the following petition.

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