Sunday, 22 February 2015

Journey of Sound

( for sapientia, she who knows)

Some haunting blues
sounds of the desert,
the holler of liberation
breezy kora  leaping,
reggae bass, middle eastern oud drifting 
ragas and  dub mutation,
tabla and djembe's rhythms mixing
percussive beats soaring,
releasing chords of souls simplicity.
I love the wind, when  it blows on through
breathe in rhymes, messages of freedom,
a familiar dance, moving through spaces
coming down easy, on a sunday afternoon,
the revolution is right here
the groove is in my heart,
got that high time feeling
it don't hurt at all,
releasing pressure 
respites of musical pleasure,
here on the edges of time.


  1. Excellent poem, love the carefully constructed words honed to create compelling and positive imagery and feelgood vibes. The revolution is indeed now. Wonderful and soothing rhyme, to be read and re-read.x

  2. thanks again Cecelia...... cheers for your words....all the best.x