Tuesday, 21 April 2015


(Poem inspired by my garden)

The earth at play again,
whispers monologues of devotion,
among paths of nature, freedoms creation,
strong in faith, firm in love.

Vapour trials, in the sky above,
create residues of escape,
swallows sweep  through time , 
descend  across the landscape.

The smouldering garden slumbers,
waking slowly, to be re-moulded, re-cast,
as the day turns soft and still,
mind wanders, rests in observation,
watching wildflowers colour, 
weaving through the grass.

Plants offer protection,
to bright insects, 
dancing in the cool shade,
bluebells shimmering,
bursting with life,
as afternoon, again is made.

Ceridwen's breathe calls again,
swirling and whirling, among healing herbs,
scenting the air with magic,
while the cauldron stirs,
releasing seeds of  enchantment,
vibrant pulsations, to catch the heart and soul

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