Friday, 10 April 2015

This Farage Twit

I happen  to think that Nigel Farage is a twit of the first order. Many of his supporters though idolise him, on social media they don't  seem to like any criticism,  let alone  any satire, despite a whole host of mishaps and blunders. I have had people trying to have a 'pop' when I have tried to spoil their gilded view.
They claim  that UKIP is a libertarian party, all I see is  xenophopbia, authoritarianism and the whiff of racism. But  his supporters, carry on gleefuly, dancing to his chorus, carry on being misinformed , claiming media bias, and misrepresentation, but  their policies are  dangerous and blinkered that seek out to divide communities,demonising people , whilst creating stigma too.With their chief political philosophy  being that  immigrants are to blame for everything. This Is why I will personally keep taking the piss, as above Nigel Farage gets Dr Seussed. We must keep challenging their brand of intolerance, keep on questioning their point of view.
When people excuse, dismiss or are silent, about racism and hatred they contribute to the acceptance  of a more racist society. We should not forget the strong connection that exists between UKIP and extreme  far right fascists.
Oh Nige was said to be a bit tired a couple of days ago, after he bonded with Joey Essex, over their secret love of fish, after boarding a boat in Grimbsy.

At the end of the day, the picture below captures my feeling entirely. after hanging around with Joey he was caught standing behind the most appropriate sign. Ah a picture can help paint a thousand words.

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