Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter/Eostore

                                 Michael Sowa, Eater Bunny, 1996
Ah  Easter seems to come round quicker each year, that's a sign I guess. This morning I crawled out of bed,  but so far, even though the day is buzzing, no sign of any easter bunny yet,  but whats that towering above?
I guess this weekend, will be for some, a time to wind down, take some time of work, or business as usual, or eat, consume, eat consume,  for many a time of celebration, David Cameron has  been busy writing us his own Easter message, where he sets  about his belief  in the importance of Christianity absolutely clear, saying " It's the principle  around which the Easter celebration is built. Easter is about remembering the importance of change, responsibility, and doing the right thing for the good of the children. And today, that message maters more than ever."
Actions speak louder than words I guess, hey I'm no christian, but I don't think it is right for him to preach to us about values, when up to now what he represents seems to be devoid of it in any shape and flavour. He does not seem to mention  social justice, or even mention the resurrection,  which for some marks one of the greatest acts of disobedience in history, since once you've been  executed by the state, your supposed to stay dead. So for many its about resistance and renewal, a powerful revolutionary faith, M'mmm don't worry am not about to have an announcement of a new direction in faith, I still follow no  particular  religious bent, well the  flow of nature, and  the power of words, but believe it is more than time now for the people of the world to rise too. It will be a case of the risen people not the risen lord.
Sadly though too, across this weekend, across the world, assault, torture, genocide and a range of other depravities will be committed in the name of a so called God.
So since its resurrection time, lets try to carrry on, with selfishness and passion, with a glint of rebellion in our eyes, and tomorrow hopefully paves a way  for revolutionary, insurectionary acts, against the conformity and consensus that has been created.Anyway Happy Easter all, depending on who you are and what you believe in, remember that  Easter has pagan roots too,  named originally in honour of Eostore, the teutonic dawn goddess. Also known as the spring goddess of fertility. In ancient times our lands fertility was the key to its survival, heddwch/peace. We ll keep walking our different paths.Keep on keeping on. Find the joy that makes you, you.
Ah the public library will at least reopen on Tuesday.

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