Wednesday, 3 June 2015

House of Greed

As the incapacitated, unemployed and elderly are about to be hit with another round  of George Osbourne's austerity  cuts, it is simply astonishing  that the Government has now agreed to a 10%  pay rise, with no cuts  to their expenses, so now an ordinary M.P will get 74k a year, while people I know are survivng on £40 ta week hardship after sanctions, which includes disabled people, rhe mentally ill and the vulnerable, who have been unfairly sanctioned. Children now need  breakfast clubs at school,  people rely on food bank vouchers, while PIP is being refused to wheelchair users. It is quite frankly bloody obscene.
It simply represents the modern politicians detachment from reality, in this House of Greed, full of a self-serving political establishment that rewards itself as ordinary people struggle.
In a period of  sky high rising energy bills  for the rest of us, job insecurities.
At the end of the day these M.Ps are being rewarded for obdedience and conformity, little else, it certainly does not seem to be based on commitment or highly held priniciples. Their rising pay, will make them  more resilient to change, complacent and loyal to the status quo. Not in touch with the tough financial  conditions that the rest of us have to endure.
Surely Nurses, teachers, etc  represent more better value, 
Perhaps their pay should be subject to a medical, as metered out to people on benefits, I am sure there would be no  increase or reward for many.
And to no ones great surprise, David Cameron, who said he would not accept a rise, takes it after all, after calling it simply unacceptable. To be expected I guess.

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