Friday, 12 June 2015

Ornette Coleman Jazz Legend R.I.P ( 9/3/30 -11/6/15)

Unfortunately blog playing up at moment, again, can no longer upload certain stuff here, in the libray, hey hot despite this must mention the passing of Ornette Coleman,  legendary self-taught saxophone player who bought to the  jazz world his unconventional 'free jazz, becoming known as an avant garde genius, sadly died yesterday morning in New York aged 85.
He began playing alto sax at age 14, partucularly influenced by  Charlie Parker. In the late 1950's and early 1960's he became  a central figure in the downtown avant garde scene. A friend of poets and musicians alike.
Mr Coleman widened the options in jazz and helped change its direction. He pioneered  and presented a style  that is not for some ears accessible, but I loved most of his body of work. Hauntingly beautiful, raw and tender. He symbolisedf the outsider American spirit as effectively as any artist of the last century. His bold and exciting music has had a huge impact on me and the shape of jazz to come.Truly amazing inspirational character, thank you Ornette. R.I.P

For Ornette

A plastic saxophone,
releases free tonal notes,
passionately in whirlwinds of intensity,
simple melodies of improvisation,
breathes of illumination.
compositions leftfield,
blowing against tradition,
otherworldly and gentle,
hauntingly beautiful,
refusing to be sensible,
keeps on soaring,
long after exit time.
thank you ornette,
for your musical gift.,
your legacy, sublime,
it will stay in place,
harmolodics will keep on talking,
the sound of imagination,
always free.

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