Friday, 5 June 2015

Well done Charlotte Church

Good to hear  that Charlotte Church has been standing up against austerity and for our NHS, welfare  state and public services. At a press conference for the Peoples Assembly she outlined her position.  She should  be congratulated  for making the direct link between progressive income tax and desperately needed services. She has also said she would be happy to  pay 60 to 70 % top rate of tax  if it meant saving services, which are the lynchpins of our society, adding that inequality made her ' angry as the hulk'.. This is a Welsh working class girl who has not forgotten  her roots, we should be very proud of her,we need more like her, who are prepared to lend their voice, this is how momentum gathers.
Asked recently why as a millionaire she had taken to marching against austerity, she said 'being poor is not a  prequisite for empathy'. She also publicised an anti austerity rally to be held in London on June 20th, urging members of the public to attend. 70,000 have already pledged their support to attend.

Charlotte Church a leading voice against austerity

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